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Benefits of Massage

There are more benefits to a massage than just relaxing.  Today's societal pressures of sitting more, working on computers, and being plugged into our phones have taken a toll on our bodies. Massage has become a way to practice self care in todays busy life.  It's a time when you can focus on yourself and bring about restorative functions within the body.  Massage allows your muscles to relax, there by counter balancing all the negative effects of sitting & working behind a computer.  It decreases muscle pain and increases range of motion in joints especially after an injury.  But the biggest is it allows for a loving touch that we can't get through our computers and phones.  Touch triggers feel-good hormones and helps to calm stress, anxiety, and relieve depression. Massage therapy can be a very powerful preventive medicine, and an important complement to an overall healthy lifestyle.

Hand Massage
Back Massage

Therapeutic Massage


Every session is customized to the clients needs at time of appointment. This includes pressure and area being focused in on. 

Stones Massage

Hot Stone










The heat from the stones penetrates into tired sore muscles to bring immediate relief from tension.  Increases circulation and assists in flushing toxins from the body.

Body Treatment










Dry Scrub is a combination of energizing scrubbing followed by a rehydrating massage.

Head Hands & Feet focuses in on the three main areas of tension that are normally overlooked.

Spa Salts and Stones
Massage Supplies











Therapeutic massages may be purchased in groups of three or five.  The client has a year to use them.

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